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Our Purpose

Our firm exists to help our clients answer the two most common and important financial questions that we all ask.

“Am I going to make it?”

This simple question takes on a different form for each of us and changes as our lives change. It may focus on quantifying your income tax liability either through the preparation of your income tax return or when your tax return is being audited. It may focus on whether you will be able to help your children (or grandchildren) obtain the college education appropriate for them. It may deal with your retirement years and whether or not you will be able to live in the style of which you prefer.

“Do I have any financial blind sides?”

We endeavor to identify potential blind sides – possible events that could seriously damage your financial well-being. Then we work with you to understand the risk and how to mitigate that risk.

Finally we help you formulate a plan and we execute that plan for and with you.