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  • Document Portal - secure document portal for tax clients. Here you can securely exchange documents electronically with our office using either your own portal, or if that is not yet set up, the Guest portal.

Items Related to Tax Return Preparation

  • Engagement Letter for Individual Tax Return Preparation - used for the preparation of individual tax returns. It must be signed by the taxpayer, and if a joint tax return the spouse, before we can engage in work preparing an individual tax return. You must also choose which tax preparation package you desire.
  • Consent to Use Tax Return Information for Office Use - optional document allows us to mail you other information. Typical items include a calendar for the following year, estimated tax reminders, greeting cards, a newsletter, etc.
  • Consent to Disclose Tax Return Information to Family - optional document that gives us permission to disclose your information to the person you identify. The most common use for this is if a family member will be transporting tax documents but it can be used for any person. 
  • Consent to Use Tax Return Information for Financial Services - optional document allows us to deliver a holistic service. We utilize your information that you provide for the preparation of your individual tax return to identify potential areas that may need your consideration.
  • Consent to Disclose Tax Return Information to Avantax - optional document with two purposes and two corresponding places to accept or decline. First, FINRA/SEC requires all client communication be copied to Avantax, so this provides consent for email or texting communication. This discloses to Avantax that you are a tax client. Second, some of the tools we use to deliver a holistic service, specifically related to investments or insurance, run on systems operated by Avantax Investment Servicesâ„ . This document gives us permission to enter your information on their system.
  • Tax-Work Privacy Statement - outlines information we collect and how we protect your information.
  • Sole Proprietor Business Addendum - additional document required if you operate a business and any work is done by someone other than yourself.

"White Papers" on Tax-Related General Information